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Poor Calgary youth to get a break on the price of a transit pass Advocates are giving council the thumbs up after politicians approved a pilot project that will give poor young Calgarians a discounted monthly transit pass. From $57.50, council lowered the pass for poor youths to $44, the same rate adult Calgarians living below the poverty line pay. Lucy Miller, president and CEO of United Way Calgary said her organization research has repeatedly shown that transit costs are a major barrier for Calgarians with low incomes, including youth. decision will connect low income youth with more opportunities and brighter futures, making it easier for them to access school, free cards against humanity, employment and services in our city, against humanity game, she said. Hats Miller said the issue of transit costs has also come up repeatedly at meetings of the Calgary Poverty Reduction Initiative, a partnership between the city and United Way. decision addresses that barrier and will help Calgary be an even greater city for everyone, regardless of income. project which starts in March is going to cost Calgary Transit about $250,000. Ald, cards againts humanity?. Brian Pincott said the decision is an important follow up to the direction that council took at budget deliberation where the city changed its policy to ensure that everybody below the poverty line has access to low income transit pass. is about allowing people who are living in poverty a better crack at it, cards against humanity card ideas, said Pincott. Womens Belstaff Dresses & Skirts important that every single Calgarian living in poverty has access to a low income transit pass. said it anticipated that about 10,000 poor young Calgarians will participate in the pilot project, which will run until November next year.

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