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How to Make Exterior AC Cover Air conditioner covers prevent some damage from the effects of winter weather, but covers are not intended to shelter your air conditioner from rain, free cards against humanity, snow or ice accumulation. nike air max thea The main duty of a cover is to keep leaf litter and other debris from building up around the cabinet. sweaters Debris can trap moisture and create a home for rodents, cards against humanity game online, and dirt can build on the condenser coil and its fins, reducing your air conditioner’s efficiency. timberland uk Rain doesn wash away all forms of debris, so covers are used during seasons when your unit is not in use. mu legend items online In some areas, a cover also stops salt, blowing sand and falling ice from damaging the air conditioner. Covers also reduce fading of the cabinet and make the unit more attractive. Check the packaging from your original purchase. The manufacturer might include a cover made to fit your unit. Purchase a manufactured air conditioner cover suitable for your model. oakley boutique You may need the manufacturer, model number and unit dimensions to order a cover. Custom made versions are available in many colors, along with materials made to clean easily and last several years. Go without a cover. Not all homeowners need to cover their air conditioners, cards against humainty, according to the FSHAC Resource Center, cards against hummanity?, which suggests you only need to cover your unit if debris is a problem in your yard.

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